Trending Ceiling Fan Designs

Trending Ceiling Fan Designs

There are many different types and styles of ceiling fans available, coming in various finishes and with different features, so it can be hard to choose just one. Showcase Lighting is a lighting store in Laredo, Texas, that offers indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as ceiling fans. Below, we'll take a look at trending ceiling fan designs. Shop in person or online today!


All-Natural Materials

With many people loving outdoor spaces, ceiling fans have taken on a life of their own. Homeowners and business owners are now installing outdoor fans in their patio and deck areas so everyone can stay cool while being outdoors. The all-natural ceiling fan look, with wood fan blades and even a wooden base, is a popular style for these outdoor fans.


Contemporary Aesthetics

Homeowners and business owners with modern-style homes want to keep that look uniform throughout their space. Contemporary ceiling fans typically have three blades that are curved or designed with lines to give a modern feel. From a metal finish to pure white, contemporary ceiling fans can enhance your modern decor.


Tropical-Style Ceiling Fans

Tropical-style ceiling fans are trending, especially in warmer places such as Laredo. These ceiling fans usually have blades in the shape of leaves or oval-shaped woven bamboo blades and are great for use as indoor or outdoor ceiling fans.


Classic White

All-white ceiling fans give an air of cleanliness and breeziness. They match any decor and can be the perfect addition to a room where you want a fan but don't want it to stand out. Classic white ceiling fans fade into the background, but offer a cooling comfort you'll love.


Our family-owned lighting store located in Laredo can't wait to help you with all your lighting and ceiling fan needs. Our mission is to help you tell a story with fixtures, and our lighting specialists have decades of experience to help. Stop by, or shop online today!

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