4 Types of Outdoor Lighting

4 Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are many unique and fun ways you can customize your outdoor lighting to suit your needs and style. Here at Showcase Lighting in Laredo, we offer a wide variety of residential and commercial lighting to meet your needs, including outdoor lighting. Below, we'll take a look at four types of outdoor lighting we offer. Stop by our lighting showroom, or browse online today!


Hanging Lights

Hanging lights run the gamut from hanging lanterns to outdoor pendants. Coming in a wide variety of styles and finishes, these outdoor lighting options are sure to brighten your space and offer a great decor item you'll love. Shop today.


Post Lights

Post lights are some of the oldest existing types of outdoor lighting, as they were first invented for the very practical use of lighting the way to your home. These were especially important before the widespread use of street lamp posts. Post lights are great to mount on top of your fence or as stand-alone lighting with their own post. Browse our selection today.


Wall Lanterns

Outdoor wall lanterns are extremely popular to mount to your home or garage as a great lighting option for pathways and for security. They can be motion-sensing, so they only come on with movement, or they can be operated with a switch. Our wall lanterns are sturdy, hardy, and made for the outdoors. Check them out today.


Exterior Flush Mounts

Exterior flush mount lighting is a type of ceiling lighting that sits flush against a surface with no gap. This type of lighting is great for windy locations, so you don't have to worry about it falling. Plus, you can customize the look, from rustic to contemporary.


Showcase Lighting in Laredo is dedicated to helping you have a beautiful home or office space. We offer free floor plans and in-home consultations, and when you shop our lighting selection, we promise safe delivery to your door. Get in touch today!

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